Houston Airport System Flight/Baggage Information Displays (FIDs/BIDs)

Houston Airport System
Project Overview

Houston Airport System Flight/Baggage Information Displays (FIDs/BIDs)

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Project Description

FIDS/BIDS – Flight Information Displays/Baggage Information Displays

As an architecture firm, we aim to propose the best possible design solution for a specific architectural problem. In efforts to become a 5-Star Skytrax Airport, the Houston Airport System (HAS) wanted to initially change the screen displays in the Hobby Airport terminals. FS Group’s immediate instinct was to determine the root cause of this change; ultimately, they determined that the screen displays needed to be changed due to an underlying problem of visual clutter in the airport in both Hobby Airport and George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH). Specifically:

  • The screen sizes and heights made them difficult to read.
  • The location of the screens made them difficult to find
  • Together they were all non-cohesive.

In order to improve the information displays for the passengers, FS Group proposed to not only upgrade the screen displays, but also provide a more consistent visual experience for the passengers by creating a consistent visual theme throughout the airport for ease of direction and wayfinding.

FS Group analyzed other 5-star airports and their approaches to attractive and clean screen displays and ultimately proposed a forward-looking design that will adapt to changes in technology. This design composed of a bright band of light that lines the different array of displays. This approach successfully and efficiently enhances the visibility of all the FIDS (Flight Information Displays) and BIDS (Baggage Information Displays).

Houston’s identity and diversity inspired FS Group to allocate a specific color to each terminal in terms of the bright bands of light. Once each terminal was identified by a color, the information displays were all catalogued and assessed on how they can be designed and improved individually based on their context. Afterwards, lighting fixtures were designed for each specific instance of FIDS and BIDS to make sure the final installment would be clean and effective.