Ezgi Bozkurt

Associate Principal Interior Designer

"It is our job as designers to help a space speak its own language. Our clients are the ultimate conduits for that voice, as primary users of the design and the human piece that makes the puzzle complete."

Associate Principal, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Marketing

  • Texas A&M University Bachelor of Environmental Design
  • 15 total years of experience​
  • LEED Accredited Professional – 2008 U.S. Green Building Council

Ezgi leverages her 15 years of architectural experience in her role as Project Designer. She is actively involved in all phases of a project, from pre-design through construction administration. Ezgi also utilizes her schematic design expertise to meet client’s functional and aesthetically needs through strategically acquiring their programming concepts and conceptual ideas and effectively transforming them into workable environments. Her past design experience includes designing the interiors for various project types, ranging from diversified interiors for corporations, private companies, and high-end retail stores to residential developments and designs for numerous law firms.