Prasad Vempatti

Finance Controller

"A company’s balance can be determined from its balance sheet. I work to ensure that balance."

Finance Controller

  • University of Madras Bachelor of Commerce
  • 30 total years of experience

V.S. Prasad has 30 years of finance & accounting experience across various sectors such as real estate hospitality, automobile, and shipping. He’s worked at the senior executive level for nearly 2 decades. Cash flow management, budgeting, and working capital negotiations are the core of his expertise. With strict cost measures, he has been instrumental in increasing profit levels and the net worth of stakeholders.

He has worked extensively in real estate as its challenging nature and demands for spontaneous decision-making have complimented his passion. He has always ensured to join organizations that enthrall him with their clear visions. FS Design’s objectives and vision align with his interests.